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Although the asset of steam is now a movement of the past, it is still widely respected and treasured. Britain was one of the first countries to experience the power of the Industrial Revolution and steam was quickly adapted for locomotives, stationary and beam engines. This body of work has been created from three different locations, Didcot Railway Centre, Hook Norton Brewery and Crofton Mill. Together they portray a small glimpse into some of the individuals who share a passion for restoring and preserving this historical relationship that Britain has with stream. My photographic stills take a traditional approach to documenting people who work with steam engines. They may not be rich in focus or compositionally perfect, but they simply present to you a straight documentation of what was happening. My video piece focuses around the concept that steam is still alive. The video brings together a pulse that drives this body of work, and also illustrates the repetitive movement that the workers have with the machinery. To all of the staff and volunteers at Didcot Railway Centre, Crofton Mill and Hook Norton Brewery, Thank you for all of the help, advice and experiences you have allowed me to obtain for this body of work, it shall not be forgotten.

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